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Meet the small (but mighty) Ascension Talent Management team

Clayton McRae, principal agent. Clayton is wearing a pink button down dress shirt.  He is a Caucasian man with no facial hair, green eyes, and short brown hair


Principal Agent

Thera, the agency cat. Thera is a blue Russian cat. She is grey and is facing the camera while laying down. Her front paws are crossed in a very professional, dignified way



Kitty Executive Officer

Sandra, the office manager of the talent agency. She is a Caucasian woman with brown hair in a bob that goes to her chin. She is wearing brown glasses, a black top with a pink cardigan over it. She is leaning her left arm on the arm of a recliner. In the background is a plant.


Behind-the-Scenes Lead


Image is taken above a desk. Only the hands and chest area of the person is visible. They are wearing a stripped white and blue button down shirt and are typing on an open laptop. Beside the laptop on the right is an orange and on the left are some notebooks.

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